Employee Staffing

Outsourcing and Employee Staffing programs give you the control and flexibility to tailor the payroll, benefit, and human resource policies of your organization to meet your unique needs and control costs.

The needs of the various departments that make your school run smoothly, such as bus drivers, food service, maintenance, administrators, coaches, substitutes teachers, and special education staff, continue to get more complicated as regulations change.

Compounding this problem is the business climate. Schools are facing dramatic reduction in revenue for the foreseeable future, which puts pressure on the organization as a whole to essentially get more out of less.

Outsourcing certain groups of employees can remove much of the burden of administration and mitigate the risk of failure to keep up with changing Federal and State employment and benefit compliance.

Employee staffing as this strategy is called, allows you to maintain workplace and institutional control over your employees and the rules that govern their jobs, while the staffing company takes responsibility for administering the payroll workers compensation, unemployment, fringe benefits and a host of other human resources related tasks that you choose.