HR Services

Celerity Global Development handles all recruiting, payroll coordination, certification compliance, licensure and permitting, benefits and personnel matters for all employees and also assumes responsibility for the complex and technical regulatory issues in human resources.

Celerity Global Development’s human resources department works collaboratively with school leaders to recruit, hire and orient new staff, review employee qualifications and ensures that staff applies for appropriate permits and meet certification or licensing requirements. Criminal background checks and pre-employment screenings are completed on all employees prior to hire.

  • Human resource administration
  • Payroll and benefit administration
  • Staff recruitment
  • Staff development
  • Substitute Teacher Placement
  • Consultations on employee hiring
  • Consultations on employee discipline
  • Consultations on employee terminations
  • Employee handbooks
  • State required certifications and personnel file documentation
  • Board reporting requirements
  • Worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance, and liability coverage
  • Employee human resource contact
  • Assist in strategic planning
  • Annual payroll and budget projections