Who We Are

Celerity Global Development provides a comprehensive package of services which includes charter petition development, charter renewal support, fiscal support, human resources, employee staffing, curriculum, compliance, board support, operations, marketing, technology and more. We have experience in creating all-inclusive programs designed specifically to meet the needs of your school. We believe that operational excellence and academic excellence go hand-in-hand; and that one can rarely be found in a school without the other.

Celerity Global Development is able to work with your leadership team and your board of directors to clarify the mission of the schools, match appropriate charter school management methods and structures to the mission, train staff to use those methods, create the administrative procedures and plans to implement the structure and facilitate the achievement of the school’s goals. Educational leadership must be matched with open business and personnel management practices. Providing business management and financial services to a public entity requires the ability to meet a high level of public scrutiny. Celerity Global Development is committed to assisting schools and their boards in developing processes that meet public scrutiny and comply with the contracts established between the schools and the school’s authorizer.

The same values are evidenced in our work with school employees. A commitment to professional development results in highly qualified staff in every position.